24 In Girls Bike - Most Comfortable Mountain Bike Saddle

24 In Girls Bike

24 in girls bike

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365 Self Portraits: Day 24 - I want to ride my bicycleee

365 Self Portraits: Day 24 - I want to ride my bicycleee


I wish I could ride a bike everywhere. And I wish there were bike lanes on every road in Texas. Well, everywhere, but there aren't. Why? Because American's are lazy and don't ride bikes. They'd rather pollute the air with car fumes.

I actually tried peddling this at one point, but the pedals just kept moving really fast and loosely. I then looked down and noticed there was no chain. :( So, I found it and took macros of it. (Check next pictcha!)



I call this "Beauty pageant: DIIIISqualified" : (

Seriously hope nobody is excessively grossed out/upset by this, I know injuries and stuff can be a bit emotive. As you can see from the notes, they are almost all part of the process I'm currently going through of learning to ride a bike (yes, a regular pedal-powered pushbike, yes, I know).
I bruise easily. I also fall off the bike quite easily. Hence this.

24 in girls bike

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