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How To Ride A Bike On The Road

how to ride a bike on the road

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Learning to ride

Learning to ride

We all had to start somewhere.

I often compare learning photography to learning how to ride a bike. In both, I had no idea what I was doing and I was just hoping to not break anything. Now that I'm finally able to keep the wheels on the road - I'm hoping it'll keep taking me somewhere.

My photography journey really started in January of this year. I bought my first DSLR in May or June of last year. My daughter was born in April, and I knew at the time I wanted an upgrade from my point and shoot, but had no desire (or time!) to learn the ins and outs of my camera. Sometime in December 2010, when we were getting expensive Christmas portraits done at studios it occurred to me that there's no reason to pay someone else to do something that I could do. So, my hobby really started out selfishly, wanting to save money. But somewhere earlier this year things clicked and I decided to switch to manual mode. I've spent the last couple of months trying to find my own style. I have to say, Flickr has been an incredibly supportive, but frustrating tool for an amateur photographer. I'm so inspired, but somedays feel like giving up when I see streams that blow my mind. It's just that..."I'll never be that good...why try?" attitude. I've had a billion hobbies in my life so far - I'm hoping this one sticks. I do know one thing - it's one of the more satisfying hobbies I've had in quite some time.

I want to hear your stories - when and how your adventure in photography began. What made things "click?" Are you self taught? Where do you see it taking you?

Sorry for the novel - I've been wanting to do this post for a while. Also, thank you to anyone who has ever added me as a contact, commented or favorited my photos, or even visited my stream. I'm grateful for all of the support


biking in beijing

biking in beijing

beijing china

I never knew that I could love biking so much - biking is just so integrated into everyday life here - there is no fuss - no rules about buying back lights and front lights - no rules about helmets or where you can or can't ride or which direction you can or can't go in on this or that road.

Beijing is full of bicyclists, scooters, motorcycles and cars - we all share the road in a magical rhythm - oh and let's not forget the big buses!

I never knew how peaceful it could feel to ride with 100 other bikers who aren't THINKING about biking - they are just riding to get to work. There is something calming about watching 100 bikers in front of you pedaling - like they are dancing.

I never liked the whole organized bike flashmobs in NYC or SF - because it was such a concious taking over the street and it made biking a big political statement. i know that in the context of the US it makes sense b.c we don't have enough bikers so that's whey organized biking was a political statement.

And in nyc-it just seems like bicyclists have to fight for their space with the cars - you gotta always be on the defensive - and there are so many rules in nyc - like you have to have back lights and you can't ride on the sidewalk.

I love it here - no rules - no lights at night - you just have to rely on your eyes and sense of the path.

People still get realllllllllllllllly close to cars - but they don't angry at them like in nyc - and drivers are VERY aware of bikers - they pull out in front of you but they never hit you. They swerve near you but never at you. Bus drivers may honk at you - but it's more of a hey i'm here also!

I'm BIKING!!!!!

how to ride a bike on the road

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