Boys 20 bikes : Tubular bike tires.

Boys 20 Bikes

boys 20 bikes

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Towpath Terror

Towpath Terror

A teenager rides his bike erratically along the Birmingham Canal towpath. Canon EOS 50e with 20mm (20-35mm) lens and red filter. The narrow boat "The Daniel Eve" is moored in the background.

The blurring is courtesy of a slow(ish) shutter speed and is not Photoshop generated. This photo was set-up and each of the pics taken had the desired effect although this one is my favourite!

We weren't terrorising anyone on the towpath, honest! - it was totally deserted, we were from the narrowboat moored in the background.

Bike Check, Emo

Bike Check, Emo

Quadro: LosEdges Santa Brutalidade 20.6
Guidao: Proper TTxL
Garfo: Eastern Ultra Slim
Direcao: FSA Impact
Manopla: Fit Original
Mesa: Thomsom 50mm
Banco: Fit ECCD
Canote: Fake
Abracadeira: Haro
Pedevela: Pro-x
Central: Fake
Pedal: TSC Nostra pc
Coroa: TSC Crank and Bones 25t
Corrente: KMC Kool
Aro D: Vzan
Cubo Dianteiro: Mob
Pneu Dianteiro: Fit FAF 2.25
Aro Traseiro: Fake
Cubo Traseiro: Elite 9t
Pneu Traseiro: Primo Comet 1.95
Pegs: Mutiny LITE
Freio: Globe, Etnies, OUS (:

boys 20 bikes

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