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Safest Bike Helmets

safest bike helmets

    bike helmets
  • A bicycle helmet is a helmet intended to be worn while riding a bicycle. They are designed to attenuate impacts to the skull of a cyclist in falls while minimizing side effects such as interference with peripheral vision.

  • Protected from or not exposed to danger or risk; not likely to be harmed or lost

  • Having reached a base without being put out

  • (SAFER++) In cryptography, SAFER (Secure And Fast Encryption Routine) is the name of a family of block ciphers designed primarily by James Massey (one of the designers of IDEA) on behalf of Cylink Corporation.

  • Allowing the batter to reach base and not involving an error

  • (SAFER (Safety and Electronic Fitness Record)) A federal system that facilitates the electronic exchange of carrier, vehicle, and driver safety and credential information among users and State and Federal systems.

  • (safer) comparative form of safe: more safe



Checking the roadworthiness of my steed after the collision that put me in hospital. Today I ordered a helmet after nagging from various family & friends started to annoy me.

It then occurred to me; I haven't yet graced the internet with the honor of holding a photograph of my lovely bicycle, which I still love to bits! So here it is. Edwardes (of Camberwell) Track 2008 Centenary Special frame & forks, + fairly basic components... for now.

Bike Helmet On

Bike Helmet On

I was bored one day at NYCR and started playing with my rising collections of motors.

Ended up stuffing an 18v motor into my bike helmet and putting two 9vs in series on it. Runs awesome. Surprisingly effective as a cooling apparatus and even more surprisingly effective as a fume buffer.

Probably not very safe in an accident though =P

safest bike helmets

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